Just as the fable explained, our understanding
is limited by our experiences and the resources
we have at hand. Perhaps a great deal is missing
from your story, some of which you know and
some of which you cannot see.

Digital Storytelling can help you
see the ‘whole elephant.’

There is an ancient fable originating from India, where a Wiseman assembles six blind men around an elephant. In turn, he asks each to
describe an elephant.

Each man argues that his description is the
most accurate, without understanding that
his experience limits his perspective.

This ancient fable of the Wiseman and six blind
men perfectly describes the challenges of anyone
coming to terms with modern marketing.
As they say ‘you only know what you know.’

Most marketers understand that they need
to develop multiple touch points to engage
with their existing and potential new clients.
However, they do not always understand
where to concentrate their efforts.

Research indicates most organisations struggle
with digital marketing. Our experience has
shown most do much less than they need
to make their marketing effective.

A good marketing strategy applies resources
where they have the greatest impact. A great
strategy unifies these activities in such a way
that the effectiveness is amplified.

Modern marketing is a composite of multiple
channels, each requiring specialised knowledge.
The goal is to understand what resources are
needed for each channel to effectively produce
the desired outcome while never losing sight
of the ‘whole elephant.’